Cartas de América #14: reading liberation theology during finals week

The second book I read after my comprehensive exams ended was Teología de la liberación by Fr. Gustavo Gutiérrez, O.P. (The first was the latest Miss Kopp adventure.) It seemed ludicrous that I’d gotten this far as a student of Latin American Catholicism without reading it. But like many people, like many of you I bet,Continue reading “Cartas de América #14: reading liberation theology during finals week”

A.E. Stallings, “Amateur Iconography: Resurrection”

Jesus is back—he’s harvesting the dead. He’s pulling them up out of the dirt like leeks— By the scruff of the neck, by the wispy hair on the head, Like bulbs in darkness sallowly starting to grow From deep down in the earth where the lost things go— Keys and locks, small change, old hinges,Continue reading “A.E. Stallings, “Amateur Iconography: Resurrection””

a prayer for exam season

Shut your laptop, look up at the sky or ceiling, and say Christ is risen. The most momentous thing that will ever happen to you and everyone you love has already happened and it is happening every day on altars around the world. Term papers are nothing. Alleluia. —the priest at chapel mass this afternoonContinue reading “a prayer for exam season”

the darkness has not overcome him

O happy fault that earned for us so great, so glorious a Redeemer! / O felix culpa, quæ talem ac tantum méruit habére Redemptórem! Tonight it was preached: the darkness has not overcome him, and it will not overcome you. Be not afraid to carry the light of Christ into the darkness within you. ItContinue reading “the darkness has not overcome him”

“el Reino de Dios que se inicia ya en la historia”

Comunidad sacramental, la Iglesia debe significar en su propia estructura interna la salvación cuya realización anuncia. Su organización debe estar en función de su tarea. Signo de liberación del ser humano y de la historia, ella misma debe ser en su existencia concreta un lugar de liberación. Un signo debe ser claro y comprensible. ConcebirContinue reading ““el Reino de Dios que se inicia ya en la historia””

“the utter ordinariness of holiness”

paulstead: “When we become saints (and I do say ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ on the assumption that some of us at least are likely eventually to open ourselves up to the transcendent holiness and love of God) we become so because we receive exactly what God gives to all his creatures. That is the infiniteContinue reading ““the utter ordinariness of holiness””

praying with anxiety

One of the spiritual benefits of an anxiety disorder is that “pray without ceasing” actually seems kind of doable. You just have to trick yourself into it. If you have a brain like mine you know it’s really loud in here. There’s just constant chatter. This is generally characterized as an “internal monologue,” but like manyContinue reading “praying with anxiety”

Don Juan Manuel, “El conde Lucanor”

Y vos, señor Conde Lucanor, no os lamentéis por esta contrariedad que ahora padecéis, pues debéis saber que todo lo que Dios hace es para bien nuestro, y si así lo creéis Él os ayudará en todo momento. Pero debéis saber, además, que las cosas que nos suceden son de dos clases: unas las podemosContinue reading “Don Juan Manuel, “El conde Lucanor””

Christ’s Body, Christ’s Wounds

I was honored to contribute to this anthology out today from Cascade Books (paperback / Kindle). What I love about this anthology is what it’s not: it’s not a how-to manual, a polemic meant to shame your longing for justice away, an apology for abusers, or an exploitative collection of scandals. It’s just stories of peopleContinue reading “Christ’s Body, Christ’s Wounds”