another round of goodbyes

You’re hard-pressed to find any Italians in Little Italy, which as we all know is just a differently decorated part of Chinatown where the most spoken language is actually Spanish and nobody seems to understand how sidewalks work. But there’s a beaten tin café on Mulberry Street where an old Italian man boxes up cheesecakesContinue reading “another round of goodbyes”

Holy Saturday

While Christ lay dead the widowed worldWore willow green for hope undone:Till, when bright Easter dews impearledThe chilly burial earth,All north and south, all east and west,Flushed rosy in the arising sun;Hope laughed, and Faith resumed her rest,And Love remembered mirth.  “Easter Even,” Christina Rossetti (x) It is hard for me to accept that itContinue reading “Holy Saturday”

Sexual Abuse Allegations Rock YouTube Community

The events of the past few days have sparked a conversation about consent, healthy fan-creator relationships, and online safety in the YouTube community. Online microcelebrity is hard to monitor: it involves relatively tight-knit and virtual communities that connect individuals to one another with very little outside intervention. YouTube is an intimate, informal format that fostersContinue reading “Sexual Abuse Allegations Rock YouTube Community”

Graduate Employees’ Union Approves Proposed Bargaining Terms

On Tuesday, members of NYU’s graduate student union, GSOC-UAW, voted nearly unanimously on a proposed starting point for contract negotiations with NYU. They began negotiating at 4pm yesterday. Graduate Employees’ Union Approves Proposed Bargaining Terms

Newly Unionized Graduate Employees Begin Negotiating With NYU

As Local reported last November, NYU’s graduate student-employees finally voted on unionization after a decade of resistance from the university. The vote resulted in an overwhelming victory for the Graduate Student Organizing Committee, who are now affiliated with the United Auto Workers, at the end of last semester. Early in February, GSOC-UAW began the process of negotiating a contractContinue reading “Newly Unionized Graduate Employees Begin Negotiating With NYU”

Little Walsingham

I am always grateful to small English villages that provide their own descriptors. Such a village is Little Walsingham. There is, after all, only one way for a village called Little Walsingham to look: stranded in grassy plains and smooth hills, made of grey roofs and dusty rain. There are locals, but I can’t seeContinue reading “Little Walsingham”

The Fashioned Self by Catherine Addington | First Things

Too often, events like Fashion Week encourage women to see themselves as Marie Antoinettes or as Marie Leszczynskas. One is either a self-celebratory creative or a liberated emblem of modesty (or, conversely, a self-absorbed airhead versus an ugly prude). There is rarely any space for a makeup-wearing, fashion-forward woman who also embraces the importance ofContinue reading “The Fashioned Self by Catherine Addington | First Things”

the fire on the mountain

Throughout my childhood, my mom was my best teacher. This is generally true, but it was also literally true, because she led reading groups at my school for years. She used anthologies called Junior Great Books, and I don’t remember a lot of the stories, but there’s one I think about on days like today. ItContinue reading “the fire on the mountain”

Student Labor Action Movement Goes Caroling For Change

Members of the NYU Student Labor Action Movement gathered on the 12th floor of Bobst at 2:30 pm today to sing carols about workers’ rights. Likewise, they delivered a letter to John Sexton urging implementation of an updated code of conduct to protect the rights of workers in unsafe factories in Bangladesh that produce NYU apparel. TheContinue reading “Student Labor Action Movement Goes Caroling For Change”

After A Decade, Graduate Students To Vote On Unionization Next Month

NYU and the United Auto Workers (UAW) released a joint statement yesterday afternoon announcing an agreement to hold a election determining the re-establishment of an NYU graduate employees’ union. After A Decade, Graduate Students To Vote On Unionization Next Month