Episode 29: Our Lady of Guadalupe (with Catherine Addington)

As guest star supreme, Catherine Addington, tells us, Our Lady of Guadalupe is “a thing that is both.” Mexican and Catholic, native and foreign, we dive deep into a story of devotion, roses, snake skirts, widowers, adult-born gods, human sacrifice, and the power of very pious grandmas. Stick around for some hot takes on mythology-inspiredContinue reading “Episode 29: Our Lady of Guadalupe (with Catherine Addington)”

‘Jane the Virgin’ ofrece una refrescante mirada a la sexualidad cristiana

Mi artículo sobre Jane the Virgin y la representación católica en los medios de comunicación ahora está disponible en español también. ¡Gracias a @americamag-blog por publicar mi traducción! “Jane the Virgin” no pretende ser “la serie católica,” ni tampoco “la serie latina,” pero en ambos casos, la serie experimenta la gran presión de representar estas identidades,Continue reading “‘Jane the Virgin’ ofrece una refrescante mirada a la sexualidad cristiana”

‘Jane the Virgin’ offers a refreshing look into Christian sexuality

The reason Danny doesn’t work, and Jane does, is that Danny Castellano’s character is about being Catholic. Jane simply is Catholic. This is also true of her ethnicity: Her character is not about being Latina, she simply is. “Jane the Virgin” does not understand itself to be “the Catholic show” any more than it understandsContinue reading “‘Jane the Virgin’ offers a refreshing look into Christian sexuality”

omnes sancti confessores

When I was in seventh grade, or whatever year we drove to visit a friend of a friend who was a nun in the Bronx, I grew momentarily obsessed with the martyrs of Japan. I remember this because it was raining and there was traffic and I had in my lap this sky-blue encyclopedia ofContinue reading “omnes sancti confessores”

bias-motivated incidents

I often say I am weirdly fond of cemeteries, but I don’t feel weird about it. It’s just the sort of thing I feel I am supposed to say in order not to weird people out. I do like them, though. They are full of story and peace. I like what they tell you aboutContinue reading “bias-motivated incidents”

DC United is more than just a name – it should be the goal for the future

People not from here don’t often internalize that “Washington, DC” is a list, not a place name. “Washington” is the government. “The District” is where hundreds of thousands of people live their lives. I, for one, still think it’s meaningful that the club is called DC United. Not Washington, like all the other local teams,Continue reading “DC United is more than just a name – it should be the goal for the future”

Brazil’s Little Platoons

The Brazilian state may be falling apart, but the favelas are the only communities that know how to survive without it. I’m at TAC recounting the history of favela policies in Rio de Janeiro and exploring the future of city’s poorest residents after the Olympic cameras are turned off. Brazil’s Little Platoons

on the move

A friend has a theory about Cracker Barrels. There can’t possibly be that many, so immaculately alike, Room-of-Requirement-esque in their ability to appear at the precise moment of need for sustenance on long stretches of green and gray nothing, providing exactly what every American didn’t know they were craving until they step in the door—butterContinue reading “on the move”

God is faithful, and he will do it

Basilique Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, Québec, Canada July 2016 This church is full of promises kept. Thessalonians always struck me as ferociously loving. He is faithful, and he will do it, Paul writes. Do what? I always forget, just dwelling on the character reference. He will sanctify you entirely; he will keep sound and blameless your spirit, soul, and body forContinue reading “God is faithful, and he will do it”