Best of 2017

As in years past (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016), here are some of the things I enjoyed this year (inspired by Eve Tushnet’s annual list). Best non-fiction read for the first time Christian Texts for Aztecs by Jaime Lara: an academic-press glossy-paged wonder of a history that involves feathered sanctuaries and sunburst monstrances and is the coffee-table bookContinue reading “Best of 2017”

Cartas de América #4: teaching culture with the Nacirema

I like this lesson not just because it brings out the creativity in my students, or because it gives us all a laugh, but because it makes us ask a really important question about “cultural learning.” What’s it for? I used the Nacirema article to criticize the Maya one, urging students to de-exoticize their readingContinue reading “Cartas de América #4: teaching culture with the Nacirema”

death is before us

About a month ago, Sr. Theresa Aletheia, FSP put a skull on her desk as a way to keep #mementomori at the forefront of her daily life. On day 22, she wrote: “By keeping my death always before me I’m not looking at death, I’m looking *through* my death to God.” Death has been beforeContinue reading “death is before us”

teach us how to pray

There’s a mouth-guard shortage in the city of Charlottesville. I know this because my dentist said the wear and tear on my jaw was evident but not detrimental, but if I were interested in a night guard, please put in your order sooner rather than later since it won’t be ready until next semester, theContinue reading “teach us how to pray”

the only defense of daylight savings time is liturgical

The poor robins have been roped into observing Lent with us. Spring is already and not-yet the way salvation is, and it is cold now, in a rude shift that feels personal. Mass is earlier than it was before, and darker. The church is sparse with reset alarms. Our Christ is blue with the mountains. Only myContinue reading “the only defense of daylight savings time is liturgical”

notes from bible study

garden of eden as space, as divine architecturethis tree is not an evil temptation tree, it’s a sacred siteit is a physical site of contact between God’s law and man’s earthit is beautiful, it is creation, it is God’s, of course it is beautifulyou don’t eat of it because it is not yours, it isContinue reading “notes from bible study”

bias-motivated incidents

I often say I am weirdly fond of cemeteries, but I don’t feel weird about it. It’s just the sort of thing I feel I am supposed to say in order not to weird people out. I do like them, though. They are full of story and peace. I like what they tell you aboutContinue reading “bias-motivated incidents”

Christ is green with the trees

St Thomas Aquinas Church, Charlottesville, VA photo by Sharon / Musings of a Catholic Mom The stained-glass Christ Crucified in our sanctuary uses transparent glass for His body. I thought it may have been on purpose, but it seems from older pictures and certain times of day that the peachy color has faded. (Which, incidentally,Continue reading “Christ is green with the trees”

on the move

A friend has a theory about Cracker Barrels. There can’t possibly be that many, so immaculately alike, Room-of-Requirement-esque in their ability to appear at the precise moment of need for sustenance on long stretches of green and gray nothing, providing exactly what every American didn’t know they were craving until they step in the door—butterContinue reading “on the move”