‘Jane the Virgin’ ofrece una refrescante mirada a la sexualidad cristiana

Mi artículo sobre Jane the Virgin y la representación católica en los medios de comunicación ahora está disponible en español también. ¡Gracias a @americamag-blog por publicar mi traducción! “Jane the Virgin” no pretende ser “la serie católica,” ni tampoco “la serie latina,” pero en ambos casos, la serie experimenta la gran presión de representar estas identidades,Continue reading “‘Jane the Virgin’ ofrece una refrescante mirada a la sexualidad cristiana”

‘Jane the Virgin’ offers a refreshing look into Christian sexuality

The reason Danny doesn’t work, and Jane does, is that Danny Castellano’s character is about being Catholic. Jane simply is Catholic. This is also true of her ethnicity: Her character is not about being Latina, she simply is. “Jane the Virgin” does not understand itself to be “the Catholic show” any more than it understandsContinue reading “‘Jane the Virgin’ offers a refreshing look into Christian sexuality”

omnes sancti confessores

When I was in seventh grade, or whatever year we drove to visit a friend of a friend who was a nun in the Bronx, I grew momentarily obsessed with the martyrs of Japan. I remember this because it was raining and there was traffic and I had in my lap this sky-blue encyclopedia ofContinue reading “omnes sancti confessores”

Christ is green with the trees

St Thomas Aquinas Church, Charlottesville, VA photo by Sharon / Musings of a Catholic Mom The stained-glass Christ Crucified in our sanctuary uses transparent glass for His body. I thought it may have been on purpose, but it seems from older pictures and certain times of day that the peachy color has faded. (Which, incidentally,Continue reading “Christ is green with the trees”

Set aside not above

To be consecrated in the truth in this world is to be set aside by grace to achieve a divine purpose wherever you find yourself. You will not fulfill your divinely gifted purpose by hating the material world and living only for the spiritual. You will not fulfill your divinely gifted purpose by hating theContinue reading “Set aside not above”

Hypervisible Church | Catherine Addington

This is not how Christians in the West expect martyrdom to be. The murder of a priest in the middle of Mass seems like it should entail an intensely personal narrative. One like the story of Thomas Becket, who made an enemy of the king and his knights, or of Oscar Romero, who did theContinue reading “Hypervisible Church | Catherine Addington”

Katharine Drexel: the American missionary

Our country’s pain these days isn’t necessarily on the same scale, but it rhymes with Katharine’s America in a way that is instructive. Like her, we face a situation that it would be very easy to withdraw from. She, too, lived in a time of immigration, economic turmoil, fraught borders, gang violence, and epic war.Continue reading “Katharine Drexel: the American missionary”

the saints Catherine

Photo via my friend Amanda, 2 February 2014 My parents say they called me Catherine because it’s a classic, the name of many saints and queens, the kind of name that never goes out of style. But of course in our churches a baptismal name is also a point of entry into tradition, uniting aContinue reading “the saints Catherine”

Holy Saturday

While Christ lay dead the widowed worldWore willow green for hope undone:Till, when bright Easter dews impearledThe chilly burial earth,All north and south, all east and west,Flushed rosy in the arising sun;Hope laughed, and Faith resumed her rest,And Love remembered mirth.  “Easter Even,” Christina Rossetti (x) It is hard for me to accept that itContinue reading “Holy Saturday”

the folly of the cross

The Gospel confounds. The Gospel enrages. The Gospel inspires. If we choose to continue following the Gospel, we will continue confounding the world. And yes, we just might be crucified. But, as Dorothy Day once wrote, “The most effective action we can take is to try to conform our lives to the folly of theContinue reading “the folly of the cross”