On Eternal Health by Teresa de Cartagena

To what supper does my suffering strive to bring me? I believe without a doubt that it is the one of which it is written: “Blessed are those called to the supper of the Lamb.” My translation of Teresa de Cartagena, a deaf Cistercian nun of Jewish heritage, writing in Spanish circa 1481. On EternalContinue reading “On Eternal Health by Teresa de Cartagena”

“the profligacy of the saints”

I take heart from the profligacy of the saints. There’s a kind of spendthrift nature in loving others in a way you don’t know if you can sustain. Even if your love will be tested or permanently disrupted by a move, by unpredictable hours, or by a lack of societal support from friends and familyContinue reading ““the profligacy of the saints””

Cartas de América #14: reading liberation theology during finals week

The second book I read after my comprehensive exams ended was Teología de la liberación by Fr. Gustavo Gutiérrez, O.P. (The first was the latest Miss Kopp adventure.) It seemed ludicrous that I’d gotten this far as a student of Latin American Catholicism without reading it. But like many people, like many of you I bet,Continue reading “Cartas de América #14: reading liberation theology during finals week”

a prayer for exam season

Shut your laptop, look up at the sky or ceiling, and say Christ is risen. The most momentous thing that will ever happen to you and everyone you love has already happened and it is happening every day on altars around the world. Term papers are nothing. Alleluia. —the priest at chapel mass this afternoonContinue reading “a prayer for exam season”

Christ’s Body, Christ’s Wounds

I was honored to contribute to this anthology out today from Cascade Books (paperback / Kindle). What I love about this anthology is what it’s not: it’s not a how-to manual, a polemic meant to shame your longing for justice away, an apology for abusers, or an exploitative collection of scandals. It’s just stories of peopleContinue reading “Christ’s Body, Christ’s Wounds”

Episode 26: Sportsball feat. Catherine Addington & Sergio Bermudez

In the second part of our conversation with Weyward Podcast, we get into the ethics of sports “solidarity” in dictatorship conditions, why everybody lost their mind when Messi got tattoos, and more. Special feature: I go on a tangent about how marginalized people love the Eucharist that is basically an ad placement for Eve Tushnet atContinue reading “Episode 26: Sportsball feat. Catherine Addington & Sergio Bermudez”

Episode 29: Our Lady of Guadalupe (with Catherine Addington)

As guest star supreme, Catherine Addington, tells us, Our Lady of Guadalupe is “a thing that is both.” Mexican and Catholic, native and foreign, we dive deep into a story of devotion, roses, snake skirts, widowers, adult-born gods, human sacrifice, and the power of very pious grandmas. Stick around for some hot takes on mythology-inspiredContinue reading “Episode 29: Our Lady of Guadalupe (with Catherine Addington)”

A Helpful Homily

Traducción al español abajo “Go, sell what you have, and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me.” daily readings I know what you’re thinking: “He’s going to talk about vocations. Blah, blah, blah.” Yeah, fair enough. Because “vocation” is actually not a very helpful word—other than theContinue reading “A Helpful Homily”

on fasting

He, therefore, who eats and cannot fast, let him display richer almsgiving, let him pray more, let him have a more intense desire to hear divine words. St. John Chrysostom, “On Fasting” Fasting seasons like Lent can be really difficult for Christians in recovery from eating disorders, or with body-image issues in general. I really likedContinue reading “on fasting”