#BreviaryViews: Divine Office 101

Over the past year, some Catholics on Twitter have been using the hashtag #BreviaryViews to encourage one another in praying the Divine Office, or the Liturgy of the Hours, which is the prayer of the Church marking the hours of each day. While it is generally an obligation for priests and religious, the invitation toContinue reading “#BreviaryViews: Divine Office 101”

some Lenten considerations

As someone who has tended toward scrupulosity in the past, I’ve found it helpful to distinguish what the Church actually asks of us during Lent (fasting-if-you-can, prayer, and almsgiving) from popular tradition (“giving up X for Lent”). For the sake of not getting lost in my own thoughts, I wanted to put together a littleContinue reading “some Lenten considerations”

Querida Amazonia

It is well known that, ever since the final decades of the last century, the Amazon region has been presented as an enormous empty space to be filled, a source of raw resources to be developed, a wild expanse to be domesticated. None of this recognizes the rights of the original peoples; it simply ignoresContinue reading “Querida Amazonia”

working trees together

In today’s Gospel, Jesus is dismissed in his hometown. “Is he not the carpenter?” That he is. I’ve been complaining to him a lot lately about having to spend all day every day staring at page after screen, consuming massive amounts of data on the Spanish literary canon so I can pass my comps at the endContinue reading “working trees together”

Olga Tokarczuk on the narrator of Genesis

I also dream of a new kind of narrator―a “fourth-person” one, who is not merely a grammatical construct of course, but who manages to encompass the perspective of each of the characters, as well as having the capacity to step beyond the horizon of each of them, who sees more and has a wider view,Continue reading “Olga Tokarczuk on the narrator of Genesis”

Unmagical Realism | Commonweal Magazine

I reviewed a new anthology of Gabriel García Márquez’s nonfiction for Commonweal: His role as a publisher and editor was so important to him that, as he famously said, “I do not want to be remembered for One Hundred Years of Solitude, nor for the Nobel Prize, but for the newspapers.” Perhaps fortunately for GarcíaContinue reading “Unmagical Realism | Commonweal Magazine”

El Conquistadork

El Conquistadork Michael Arcega, 2004 A Manila galleon made primarily of Manila file folders was successfully sailed by the artist in Tomales Bay, California to commemorate the famed trade route of 1565 through 1815 between Mexico City, Manila, and California. Based on one of the first intercontinental trade routes, the performance and installation is aContinue reading “El Conquistadork”

“In loving you, what do I love?”

In loving you, what do I love? No physical beauty, no temporal glory, no radiancy of light that commends itself to these eyes of mine; no sweet melody of songs tuned to every mode, no soft scent of flowers or of ointment or of perfumes, no manna, no honey, no limbs that can receive corporalContinue reading ““In loving you, what do I love?””

A new icon of Blessed Laura Vicuña

bagelsaremyfriends-deactivated2: A commission of Blessed Laura Vicuña for @catherineaddington! This posed an interesting challenge but I am sataisfied with the results. I recommend reading her story—she was a very inspiring girl who I hope makes it to canonization! I am so grateful for @baglette’s beautiful portrait of Bl. Laura, who has become one of myContinue reading “A new icon of Blessed Laura Vicuña”