“Do not despise this world, for it is Mine”

Today is the feast of St. Rafael Arnáiz Barón, the young Spanish Trappist about whom I am writing my dissertation. (At least, it’s the anniversary of his death on April 26, 1938. In Spain, a few dioceses have delayed his feast day to April 27 because April 26 is already reserved for St. Isidore ofContinue reading ““Do not despise this world, for it is Mine””

from the diary of St. Rafael Arnáiz Barón on Holy Thursday

April 14, 1938Holy Thursday On this day, Holy Thursday, on which the Lord gathered his disciples and promised to remain with them forever, I too approached Jesus in my littleness, asking Him to remain with me, and welcome me at His table, and allow me to live with Him, and to follow Him everywhere likeContinue reading “from the diary of St. Rafael Arnáiz Barón on Holy Thursday”

UVA Cemetery Tour

I’ve been taking daily walks through the University of Virginia Cemetery to get some fresh air during quarantine, and the official walking tour leaves a lot to be desired. You can imagine: the cemetery itself is a lot of illustrious male professors and male librarians and male soldiers next to graves marked “wife of.” I thoughtContinue reading “UVA Cemetery Tour”

Coronavirus has cancelled public Masses. How can we participate in our own homes?

I really enjoyed speaking to Colleen Dulle for this article, and I especially appreciated the insights of the other interviewees. Sr. Bernadette Reis FSP, who is the English interpreter for Vatican Media, pointed out something that really stuck with me: “The fathers of the church actually taught that Christ’s presence in the Blessed Sacrament isContinue reading “Coronavirus has cancelled public Masses. How can we participate in our own homes?”

Clase magistral: «Sin compasión del delicado sexo»

Today I became a PhD candidate after passing my comprehensive exams! As part of the process, we generally give talks on our research to the department—but since we have to give virtual presentations this time around, now you can watch it too. In this talk, I discuss representations of Chinese laywomen in a Spanish missionaryContinue reading “Clase magistral: «Sin compasión del delicado sexo»”

“O daughter of little faith, what do you fear?”

Fear is a greater evil than the evil itself. O daughter of little faith, what do you fear? No, fear not; you walk on the sea, amid the winds and waves, but it is with Jesus. What is there to fear? But if fear seizes you, cry loudly, ‘O Lord, save me.’ He will giveContinue reading ““O daughter of little faith, what do you fear?””

Retablo for the Pandemic

ithankthevirgin: Holy Trinity! Divine Providence! I humbly ask you, with this retablo, to find the cure for the COVID-19 and therefore stop this terrible pandemic that affected the entire world. I ask you for health to all the people sick with this virus and for eternal peace to those who died. 2020 retablo by GonzaloContinue reading “Retablo for the Pandemic”

“Is it not enough, Lord, that the world has us locked up?”

As Teresa de Ávila edited her Camino de perfección (The Way of Perfection), she crossed out a passage in chapter three, that nevertheless remains legible in the manuscript. She had been exhorting her sisters to be constant and persistent in prayer, both for the world’s sake and for their own, remembering that the Lord wasContinue reading ““Is it not enough, Lord, that the world has us locked up?””